Painting of the action between USS Borie DD 215 and German


USS Borie (DD-215). From Wikipedia ...

80-G-85280: USS Borie (DD-215), November 2, 1943

80-G-85286: Crewmembers of USS Borie (DD-215), November 1943

80-G-85281: USS Borie (DD-215), November 2, 1943

First United States destroyer sunk by enemy action

... USS-BORIE-DD-215-Naval-Cover-1934-RICHELL-

80-G-85287: Crewmembers of USS Borie (DD-215), November 1943

USS BORIE ram U405

... USS-BORIE-DD-215-Naval-Cover-1993-USCGC-

Depiction of Ponta Delgada Harbor commissioned by Franklin D. Roosevelt and painted by Charles Edwin

A sister ship of U-405: U-995 Type VIIC, with her 88 mm deck gun removed, at the German navy memorial at Laboe.

24, 1943 - USS Leary (DD 158) was sunk during an escort mission in the North Atlantic and became the third (and last) American destroyer to be sunk by a ...

USCGC TOWLINE WYTL-65605 Naval Cover 1982 Cachet Providence, RI



CVE-11 Card

Sinking of oiler USS Mississinewa

USS Alabama (BB-60) in Casco Bay c1942.jpg

Here's one of the most famous ramming incidents not yet mentioned.

US Naval Ship Cover USS Borie DD-215 Pre WWII Era 1933 San Diego CA




USS Houston and HMAS Perth:

How much this meant to the Scandinavian countries can be seen in this picture where four Danish submarines lie next to their mother ship ready for action in ...

Heavy bombs fill this photo as they fall from U. Army Air Force Flying Fortresses and Liberators during a raid on the German submarine yards and docks at ...

Three DD's of DesRon 21 underway steaming in column, while en route to Guadalcanal and Tulagi on 15 August 1943, following the Vella Lavella landings.

Photo USN1063617 USS The Sullivans.

USS Barker (DD-213) - Image: USS Barker (DD 213)

U.S. Navy destroyer USS Stewart (DD-224) on 24 May 1946, just


USS Wakefield (AP-21)

CVE-11 Card

Uss Borie Dd-215 Destroyer Fleet Week 1935 Cachet Fdc Cover

4, 1941 - USS Greer (DD 145), while patrolling south of Iceland, was attacked by the U-652. Greer had held the German U-boat in sound contact 3 hours and 28 ...

The United States Navy in World War II

USS Block Island

USS Borie (DD 704)

Charles Hutchins receiving Navy Cross from Admiral Royal Ingersoll.

USS Barton (DD-722)


USCGC WIRE WYTL-65612 Naval Cover 1993 Cachet USS BORIE DD-215 sinks U

... the wall to the dock, killing dozens of German men who were searching the ship, and removing the Normandie dock from ever being used by the Nazis.

USS Bunker Hill (CV-17), USS Bountiful (AH-9)

The USS S-6 shown with the destroyer USS Borie DD 215 which has just run over the S-6 when she was submerged and damaged the S-6 periscopes and radio masts.

USS Borie DD-704 This is the ship my Grandfather served and died on in

Oil painting on canvas showing USS Supply by W. R. May




By Richard Eaton

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The Battle of Dover Strait that occurred on 26–27 October 1916 was a naval battle of the First World War between Great Britain and the German Empire.

... 1,019.4 foot RMS Queen Mary passenger ship was converted into a troop transport ship where she regularly carried in excess of 10,000 soldiers from the ...

USS Hull


USS Juneau (CL-52)

Neither the crew members below deck nor the other ships involved had any warning from the Navy that their ships were headed for disaster, ...

German and Norwegian officers salute the mast as the Norwegian flag is lowered on a Nazi-captured vessel in this photograph from German sources.

This map shows the locations of 40 ships attacked by German submarines in waters off Florida during World War II. Photo By: Florida State Archives

Nov 11 1861 Civil War: Thaddeus Lowe conducts an aerial observation of Confederate positions from

USS Borie DD-215, Seattle Fleet Week, 1933 (N2067)

USS The Sullivans (DD-537) off Ponape 1944

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USS PENNSYLVANIA BB-38 Naval Cover 1930 NAVY DAY Cachet Phila, PA

Naval History Magazine - February 2019 Volume 33, Number 1 | U.S. Naval Institute

United States Navy operations during World War I began on April 6, 1917, after the formal declaration of war on the German Empire. The American navy focused ...

USS BORIE, DD-215. --77--

Period, scratch-built model depicting the World War I era model of the famous 4-Piper destroyer USS BORIE (DD-215). This hand-made model was meticulously ...

Alabama cruising with her screen of escorting destroyers in April 1944; Knapp is in the


USS Harder (SS-257)


leads to the use of catapults on battleships and cruisers through World War II and to

USS Beale (DD-40) - USS Beale (DD-40) moored

Hunter-killer Group

Alabama's foremast, showing the Mk 8 radar atop the Mk 38 main battery director; note the Mk 4 radar (right) for the secondary battery

US Naval Ship Cover USS Borie DD-704 Vietnam War 2/5/1966

LST-325 (left) and USS LST-388 unloading

CVE-11 Card

1st class submarine of the Imperial Japanese Navy

Mientras tanto, en las vestiduras femeninas continúa el mismo estilo que en el siglo anterior

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Dutch Attack on the Medway, June 1667 by Pieter Cornelisz van Soest.

Ships in the right background are USS Kane (DD-235) and USS Fox (DD-234). US Naval Historical Center Photograph.

USS Tang sunk by circular run of own torpedo.(Credits: U.S. Navy)

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USS Gato (SS-212), December 1941

USS Goff (DD-247) - USS Goff (DD-247) underway