• Multimedia and audio needs in Stavanger - Lydplaneten sound studio Stavanger

  • The future of media lies within interactive electronic entertainment, and we are fully prepared to support this future. Lydplaneten Studio’s crew of sound designers and mixers have deiverse experience and a solid understanding of the special technical challenges that interactive media production present. The goal is simple: to bring a rich, cinematic feel to the sound of your interactive media. 

  • Sound design

    We create original and customized audio for any type of digital project. Our talented sound designers have the experience and creativity to develop unique sound assets for any project, based upon collaboration with the client. 

  • Music

    With more than 25 years of collective music experience, our team brings a combination of advanced music degrees and industry expertise to the creative process. We work with several accomplished composers, performers and instrumentalists. Our music service include recording and producting live musicians, ranging from singe performances to full bands. Read more about our partners.