• Studio

  • The studios history stretches back over 20 years, then run by Morten Hvidsten and Kent Østen Sjøberg as Epilogue Productions. Lydplaneten Studio continued its traditions by taking over in January 2012, run by four audiophiles with over 25 years of experience from the music industry. The purpose and drive behind the creative forces in the studio concerns the ability to let musicians define their soundscape through (almost) unlimited resources.

    The goal of this drive is very simple; follow the dream, not the stream. Be creative, engaged, and ready to explore.

    With our dedication to great sound, and a well stocked studio, we strive to create the best possible outcome from any idea and performance. Contact us to take your dream to High Fidelity.

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  • Equipment


    Digidesign Pro Tools HD 1 og 3

    Digidesign HD Interface 192 I/O  x 4

    Digidesign HD Interface  96 I/O

    Digidesign Pro Tools LE w/Digirack 002

    Alesis HD 24

    Tube Tech SSA 2B Tech SSA 2B 

    The Equinox av Shadow Hill Industries

    Electrocompaniet Dynamic Precision A1s

    PMC AML 1

    PMC IB2S

    Genelec 8020a 

    Genelec 8020a 


    Daking Mic Pre /eq x 2

    Chandler Germanium x 2

    Chandler TG2  - Abbey road special ediition

    Chandler  TG Channel MKII x 2

    API 3124+

    Vintage Design  DMP mk2

    Emperical labs MIKE-E x 3

    Manley Slam

    Vintage Audio model 473

    Focusrite OctoPre                                                          

    Focusrite Penta                                                              


    Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor 

    Vintage Design CL1 MkII (1)

    Empircal Labs Distressor (4) 

    Manley SLAM Mastering Versjon

    Manley VariMU

    API 2500 Stereo Compressor

    Chandler TG1 - Abbey Road Sp. Ed. Compressor

    SPL Transient Designer 2

    Chandler TG12413 (Zener Limiter) (2) 

    TK Audio BC1 

    Tube-Tech SMC 2B

    Tube-Tech CL-1B

    FocusRite MixMaster

    Elysia Mpressor

    FocusRite RED 3


    Retro Instruments 2A3 Dual Program EQ

    Manley Massive Passive

    API 5500 Dual EQ

    Gyratec 14 Stereo Passive Equalizer

    Chandler GERMANIUM Tone Control (2)

    A-Designs Audio HM2EQ HAMMER

    Arsenal Audio by API R24

    Chandler TG12345 Curve Bender 

    KuSh Audio UBK Clariphonic Parallel Equalizer 


    A Designs Audio EM-PEQ 

    Buzz Audio - Potion (2)

    Buzz Audio - Tonic

    Buzz Audio - Essence (True Class A Optical Compressor)

    API 550A (3) 

    Purple Audio - Action (2)

    Purple Audio - TAV (3)

    Burgin McDanial Design "The Komit" (2) 

    API 550B (4)

    Arsenal Audio V14

    Chandler Little Devil EQ (2) 

    Great River Harrison 32EQ (2)

    Electrodyne 511 (2) 

    Shadow Hills Dual Vandergraph 

    Elysia xpressor 500 


    Cornford mk50H med Cornford 4x12 kabinett (2)

    Cornford  hurricane - 1x12  

    Cornford Harlequin MK1 - 1x12

    Mesa Boogie dual Rectifier 100w 

    Mesa Kabinett  med 4x12

    Mesa Boogie triple Rectifier 100w 

    Mesa Kabinett  med 4x12

    Blackstar HT 60 - 1x12

    Crate vintage club  50 - 4x10

    SWR Bassamp WorkingPro 700W


    Crane Song Hedd-192 

    Waves MaxxBCL 

    Dangerous S & M

    SPL Charisma 2 

    Bricasti M7 (3)

    Anamod ATS-1

    SPL Auto-Dynamic De-Esser

    SPL Transducer 

    SPL Vitalizer MK2-T


    Manley Ref. Cardioid Microphone

    Neumann U 87 - 40th anniversary

    Neumann KM 184 (2)

    Royer R-121 Ribbon (2) 

    Royer R-122 Active Ribbon (2) 

    Royer SF-1 Ribbon  (2)

    Royer SF-12 Stereo Ribbon

    Rode K2

    Rode NT5 (2)

    SE Electronics - Titan

    M-Audio Sputnik

    BLUE - Kiwi

    Classics / Standards:

    Shure SM7B

    Shure SM57 (4) 

    Shure Beta 52A (2)

    Shure Beta 91

    Sennheiser MD421 (5)Sennheiser e906 

    Sennheiser e945 (3) 

    Sennheiser e 602 II


    Beyerdynamic Opus 88

    (7) Beyerdynamic Opus

    87 Beyerdynamic Opus

    99 Beyerdynamic Opus

    83 (3) Beyerdynamic M201 TG