• Team

  • David Londox

    Music/Sound Engineer, Producer

    • University Degree, Bachelor of Arts (B.A) Music/Sound Engineering and two years of studies in Electronic engineering.
    • Over 6 years of direct experience in audio projects and improving production processes as well as worked with highly complex signal flow in professional recording and mixing studios for music and commercial purposes.
    • Strong knowledge of professional analog hardware for recording, mixing and mastering. And technical skill with ability to examine, analyze and interpret information to make artistic and technical decisions.
  • Jan Egil Haugrud


    Sound Technician and Booking manager

    • Guitar for Aurvandir
    • Bass for Forlorn
    • Guitar for Mörkemen
    • 23 years experience in the music scene
  • Ådne Rimereit Eidheim


    Audio Engineer and Equipment manager

    • Bjerksted Guitar School, 2 years
    • Vocalist for Aurvandir
    • Bass and backing vocal for Mörkemen
    • 27 years experience in the music scene
  • Jan Petter Skretting


    Sound technician and General manager

    • Guitar for Myriads since 1997
    • Guitar and backing vocals for Mörkemen
    • 28 years experience in the music scene